Rotarian Jill Fisher, a member of our club, is an independent specialist physiotherapy treating people with Strokes and other neurological problems in Leeds. Every few years she volunteers for a few weeks in Bangladesh at the Centre for the Rehabilitation (CRP) of the Paralysed supporting the professional development of therapy staff.

Her latest visit to the CRP was in January 2023. When people suffer from strokes in Bangladesh there are few rehabilitation facilities. Many patients and their families travel for hundreds of miles to receive treatment at the nationally respected centre or one of its sub centers around Bangladesh. The Roundhay Rotary Club recently donated £1200 to CRP via the Valerie Taylor Trust. Jill says ‘she very much appreciates the support and interest of other rotary club members in her volunteering work. During her most recent trip she made links with a Rotary club based in Dhaka. CRP was founded in 1979 by the valient efforts of Valerie Taylor, a Leeds based physiotherapist.

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