In September 2023, members and partners undertook a visit to Math City, which is a Maths World UK production.

Maths World UK aims to create the UK’s first National Mathematics Discovery Centre, an interactive space to explore the wonders of Mathematics. Their vision at Maths City is to excite and engage everyone, including the young, with the fascination and power of Mathematics. Its importance and influence in today’s world is everywhere you look, from helping us describe nature, explore space, and combat climate change and much more. The central role mathematics has played and will increasingly play in humankind’s cultural development, in the way we think, and in our understanding and control of the universe around us is awe inspiring, driving our enthusiasm to explore and share this through our interactive exhibits.

Everyone had a great time exploring the many and varied puzzles, challenges and fun stuff at the centre. We thank past Rotarian Jeff Wain for facilitating this very interesting visit.

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