On a crisp January morning, four Roundhay Rotary volunteers embarked on a visit to Aberford Hall Care Home. Their mission: to brighten the day of the residents and reconnect them with the wider community through their visit.Led by Rotarian and physiotherapist Jill Fisher, the volunteers with staffs support, wasted no time visiting lounges and residents rooms, engaging with each resident individually, chatting to the residents and listening attentively as they shared stories of their lives, interests, and memories. Rotarians particularly enquiring about their favourite pieces of music or genres. A common thread emerged: music’s powerful ability to evoke cherished memories.

One resident spoke of listening to songs in the kitchen with her mum as a child. Another lady reminisced about attending a Dick Valentine concert 3 times in one week! She had so enjoyed the first concert, her Dad and Grandma then both bought tickets for her! Another lady remembered attending Fanny Waterman piano competitions at Leeds Town Hall, she requested Au Claire De La Lune.

Taking careful note of all the musical preferences, Rotarian and musician Scott meticulously crafted a playlist. Each song selection was accompanied by background notes about the music and the resident’s personal connection to it. This thoughtful touch ensured that the second visit, when music was played, was a truly personalized experience for the Aberford Hall community. The music ranged from timeless classics to beloved pop songs ,

As the music filled the room, The cares of the world faded away, replaced by toe tapping and swaying and a sense of connection. For many residents, it was a chance to relive cherished memories and immerse themselves in the joy of music.

The event was a resounding success. It was a powerful reminder that music transcends age and background, and that everyone’s story is valuable and worth celebrating.

As the Rotary volunteers bid farewell, they knew they had made a positive impact on the lives of the residents. Their visit not only brought smiles and laughter, but it also rekindled cherished memories and awakened a sense of connection.

The event was part of an ongoing voluntary project by the Roundhay Rotary Club, with well over 20 other visits to various care homes. The next one is scheduled for April at the The Kingston Care Home.

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