Purple Community Fund

Collecting drinks can ring pulls for Purple Community Fund

Purple Community Fund was set up in 1996 by Jane Walker after a life changing trip to the Philippines. She witnessed first hand the harsh lives of families living on rubish dumps in Manila and the cemeteries of Navotas.

Purple Community Fund’s mission is to improve the quality of life for impoverished Filipino communities, to bring stability and realisable potential through sustainable education, nutrition, health and community advocacy programmes, as well as livelihood training.

The Rotary Club of Roundhay are collecting drinks can ring pulls for Purple Community Fund which are then shipped to the Philippines.  The pull tabs from alumimum cans are snapped off and the fathers sand down the rough edges, clean and polish them and the mothers crochet the ring pulls into different shape handbags, belts, coasters, placemats, even cushions. 

Please encourage colleges at work friends from school or your local club to get involved.

Linda Filewood is taking on the responsibility of the ring pull collection and she would welcome anyone's involvement in the activity please email her for more information:



PURPLE COMMUNITY FUND:  http://www.p-c-f.org/

Ring Pulls

The Rotary Club of Roundhay, Leeds are collecting ring pulls for PCF

Purple Community Fund Video

Watch the PCF Video - who we are and what we do

Purple Community Fund Jewelry

Ring pulls are sent to the Philippines to be up-cycled into jewellery and handbags.