Desert Island Discs

This was a very well attended joint meeting, with some visitors new to the club, and was our 4th annual evening of Desert Island Discs. This event depends for its success on Rotarians and guests volunteering to be castaways, and confidentially letting me know in advance the piece of music chosen so I can load it onto an i-pod and play it through a powerful pa system. Each castaway in turn then comes onto the stage, to introduce their music, and under the gentle but skilful interrogation of the Rotary Club of Roundhay’s answer to Kirsty Young, Jean Clennell, the castaways choose the book, and luxury item, they would be allowed to take to the desert island. The contributions were all excellent. Here are just a few of the intimate revelations:

Desert Island Discs

Rtn Jean Clennell discussing her musical choice with President elect Scott Wolstenholme

· Mike Fox would take with him The World’s Greatest Speeches. This includes John F Kennedy’s inaugural address, which inspired Mike to enter politics.

· Philip Aindow used to see the Beatles regularly at the Cavern, but Carole Hampshire topped that by dancing with Paul McCartney and George Harrison at a night club in Soho.

· Gurminder Singh’s luxury item would be an endless supply of red wine.

· Stella Dodd’s music choice reminded her of her time packing vegetables on an assembly line: she demonstrated the movements to us.

· Derek Davidson was driving his ‘passion wagon’, listening to Shaking All Over when he took to the air driving over a hump- back bridge, losing three of his four doors when the car came back to earth.

· Ian Short rocked to Queen at a live concert, carrying Kathy on his shoulders [an unforgettable image]

· Jean entered a competition in Jackie to win a date with Reg Presley. She suggested they would spend their date together at Durham swimming baths.

The audience were treated to two recordings made by Rotarians: Richard Wharton, accompanied by wife Jill and Roger and Vicki Cannon, had recorded Good Luck Charm at RCA Studio B in Nashville, standing on the exact spot where the King had recorded the original in the early 60s; and I was able to play a very rude reggae song which I’d recorded in 1970 in Huddersfield. You can’t compare such different works of musical magic.

For completists, here is the full list of Castaways, with their music.

· Mike Fox Rush Hour Jane Weidlin

· John Suttenstall Aida, Grand March Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano & Claudio Abbado

· Jacqui Straker Pencil Full of Lead Paolo Nutini

· Philip Aindow Something The Beatles

· Richard Vaughan Flower Song Harry Belafonte

· Richard Wharton Good Luck Charm Richard Wharton and Friends

· Gurminder Singh Blue Danube Reprise 2001 Space Oddysey sound track

· Stella Dodd Not in love 10cc

· Malcolm Hird Those Were the Days Mary Hopkin

· Roger Cannon Danny Boy Elvis Presley

· Derek Davidson Shakin’ All Over Johnny Kidd and the Pirates

· Ian Short Love Of My Life Queen

· Mike Hampshire Please Please Me The Beatles

· Jean Clennell Love is all around The Troggs

· Scott Wolstenholme Pum Pum Girl The Inner Mind

We all enjoyed the music, but as ever it is the personal reminiscences of the Castaways, explaining the emotional resonances of their choices, that linger in the memory.