Social Media

Monday 11th January

We kicked off the New Year with a meeting hosted by our President Elect, Gillian Hayward.

Past President David Hawkin gave us an illuminating talk on social media, made all the more impressive by his ability to carsocial-mediary on despite a technological glitch which prevented his laptop from connecting to the projector.

About half the members present use facebook: the other half have thus far refused to go near it. David told us that there are now some 1.44 billion users of facebook throughout the world – equivalent to the population of China, and he urged us to join in.

There is no doubt that using social media is an essential way to connect with the world and potentially a stunningly effective way of raising awareness of Rotary in general and the activities of the Rotary Club of Roundhay in particular. Linked in is a particularly impressive networking tool.

To see the potential, visit our two facebook pages, Roundhay Rotary Club and North Leeds Charity Beer Festival. Then ‘like’ them and ‘share’ them.

Concerns were expressed about controlling the information we put out, and it was agreed that the club should work on developing a policy, and appoint a social media co-ordinator.

In giving the vote of thanks, Gillian remarked that David’s talk had been a great ‘appetite whetter’, and that we needed further sessions to acquaint us with some of the essential basics of using appropriate privacy controls while still communicating widely with the world.
Below – our social media operators in action.